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“Working in the strength and conditioning field I came to Eric with an above average knowledge of the human body along with a poor perception of the “spa-like” massage experience. Eric, however, was just what I was looking for. I truly understand how important keeping tissue healthy is and his massage therapy has allowed me to be pain free while improving my strength and move more efficiently. I now hand my training clients over to him and he has done the same for them.”

Josh Gould, Personal Trainer

“Eric is fantastic to work with. He helped me rehabilitate from some long term sports injuries and because of his help I am able to surf and ski without pain. I highly recommend him not only for his massage therapy but also his general insights on maintaining a balance between work and health.”

Martin A. client since 2010

In the season of renewal, this was the perfect way to reconnect with body and soul. Many thanks to Dana for her skill and caring. An amazing experience.

Jo-Ann W. client since 2015

“Eric gives some of the best massages I have ever had, and I’ve had a lot! He’s also enjoyable to work with – smart, friendly, and fun. I absolutely recommend him to everyone!”

Suzanna B., Independent Massage Therapist

Dana is fabulous! I came in with a shoulder problem and she really worked thoroughly and after 3 sessions I feel great!

-Henrietta S. client since 2011

“Eric is hands down the best massage therapist I have ever been to. He is professional and accommodating and truly cares about his patients. I first saw Eric when I was having IT band issues and my doctor had informed me I would never run again without pain and to find a different hobby. Eric listens to my needs and found a resolution to my issue. I now not only run, but i run without pain. He is a miracle worker as far as I am concerned!”

Tara S. client since 2008

Dana gives a terrific massage. From all of her experience working with people with injuries, she has an intimate knowledge of body’s muscular system and correct function . She uses the perfect pressure amount to help release areas of tightness in the body. You feel relaxed and released from discomfort . I would highly recommend her!

Kathy G. client since 2014

“I have been seeing Eric for massage therapy for the past 2-3 years, first at Body Works and more recently Boston Massage Associates. Eric is a highly accomplished therapist. He is able to identify areas of stress and injury, apply the appropriate techniques and bring about the best results. Additionally, he is a great guy – caring, personable and fun. I would recommend Eric to anyone seeking a therapeutic massage of the highest quality.”

John L. client since 2007

“Eric is an outstanding massage therapist who works with and listens to his clients to truly understand what ails them – and then fixes it. On top of that he has a great sense of humor and is very personable. Looking for a massage therapist? Definitely give Eric a call!”

Michael M. client since 2008

Dana – Get her. So incredible. That is all.

John P. client since 2009

“If you have aches and pains, this man will heal you. Hands down the best massage therapist in Boston. Eric is an entrepreneur who has just opened his own shop, so give him a try – you will not be disappointed.”

Rachel W. client since 2008

“Eric’s expertise in a variety of modalities enables him to be responsive to my needs every session– whether it be stress reduction, stretching with Thai massage to increase flexibility, or the occasional self-indulgent pampering. I’ve tried and been disappointed with so many other therapists in the area; Eric is a godsend”

Jeff A. client since 2008

“I have been seeing Eric for a couple of years now. Not only is Eric an amazing massage therapist who truly listens to what I have to say but with all of his support and awesome techniques I have made it through numerous marathons and even an Ironman. Without Eric I may not have made it through any of my athletic challenges injury free and still smiling! 🙂 No matter what kind of week I am having I always look forward to my sessions with Eric. Session after session we work through any body issues I am experiencing and I leave feeling renewed and ready to tackle the rest of the week! He will always have a special place in my heart as he always knows how to make me feel better! Thanks Eric for all that you do!”

Anne Marie C. client since 2007

“I recently discovered the talents of Eric Derrico, and am thrilled that I was able to find someone who really listens to all of your concerns and does superb work that helps relieve pain and stiffness. I have two small children and work a desk job, and have many issues with sore muscles. In only a few sessions, Eric has already changed my upper body flexibility, and helped me get rid of a lot of neck and shoulder tension. This is definitely a more focused type of massage that I would highly recommend to anyone seeking a very customized approach to therapy or fitness. I cannot wait until my next appointment!”

Renee V. client since 2010